Turbinate Reduction


Turbinate Reduction

What is Turbinate Reduction?

Turbinate hypertrophy, characterized by the enlargement of bony structures inside the nose known as turbinates, can significantly impact your nasal airflow and overall breathing. At Century ENT, we specialize in providing effective treatments for turbinate hypertrophy to help you find relief and regain optimal nasal function.

The turbinates, covered by a soft lining, play a crucial role in humidifying, warming, and cleansing the air that passes through the nose. However, they can naturally enlarge in response to allergens, upper respiratory infections, or acute sinus infections. Symptoms of turbinate hypertrophy include difficulty breathing through the nose, noisy breathing, and nasal congestion or stuffiness.


Our experienced specialists at Century ENT will initially recommend non-surgical treatment options to alleviate your symptoms when dealing with turbinate hypertrophy. These may include nasal saline and steroid sprays, antihistamines, and potentially allergy immunotherapy. These measures aim to manage the condition without the need for invasive procedures.


If your symptoms persist despite medication and non-surgical interventions, turbinate reduction surgery may be recommended to improve nasal airflow and alleviate discomfort. During this procedure, our skilled surgeons will utilize various sinus instruments to reduce the turbinates’ size carefully. The ultimate goal is to balance preserving the turbinates’ normal function and optimizing nasal airflow.


Turbinate reduction surgery at Century ENT is commonly performed outpatient, allowing most patients to return to work and resume regular activities within a week. In some cases, the procedure can even be done in the office. However, it’s important to note that recovery times can vary from patient to patient, typically taking up to three months to fully adjust and experience the new “normal” in nasal function.

Consult with the Experts at Century ENT

If you’re experiencing persistent symptoms of turbinate hypertrophy and are seeking a long-term solution, our dedicated team at Century ENT is here to help. Our skilled providers will assess your condition and determine if a turbinate reduction procedure is right for you. Reach out to us today and take the first step towards breathing freely and comfortably again.


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