Latera / Clarifix / Propel


Latera / Clarifix / Propel

Expert Solutions for Nasal Concerns

At Century ENT, we understand the impact that nasal congestion, runny nose, and obstruction can have on your quality of life. That’s why our specialized team of physicians is trained to provide you with the latest in medical procedures to address these concerns.

Latera Implant: Empowering Your Breathing

The Latera Implant is a cutting-edge medical device employed in rhinoplasty and other functional nasal surgery procedures. Its primary purpose is to treat nasal valve collapse, a condition where the narrowest part of the nasal airway loses its structural integrity, hindering proper airflow during breathing, particularly inhalation.

Constructed from a bioabsorbable material, the Latera Implant is strategically placed in the nasal sidewall to provide crucial support and enhance nasal valve function. By preventing nasal valve collapse during inhalation, this implant ensures improved airflow and, ultimately, enhanced breathing. Over time, the implant is gradually absorbed by the body, leaving behind a strengthened nasal structure.

Clarifix: Targeted Relief for Chronic Rhinitis

Clarifix is a medical device used to treat chronic rhinitis, which is a condition characterized by inflammation of the nasal lining leading to persistent nasal congestion, runny nose, and post-nasal drip. It is particularly effective for people who suffer from allergic rhinitis, non-allergic rhinitis, or vasomotor rhinitis. All patients require a trial of nasal medications prior to consideration of Clarifix.

The Clarifix device delivers cryotherapy or cold therapy to the inflamed tissues in the nose to freeze the nerves that stimulate mucous production.

At Century ENT, the Clarifix procedure is conveniently performed right in our office. Patients are made comfortable with a local anesthesia injection before the treatment begins. Our skilled specialists then insert a small, flexible catheter into the nasal cavity, guided by high-definition visualization through a specialized endoscope. The tip of the catheter is cooled to a very low temperature to effectively treat the inflamed tissues.

The cold temperature helps to reduce the inflammation and overactivity of the nasal nerves responsible for the symptoms. By targeting these nerves, the Clarifix procedure can provide long-lasting relief from chronic rhinitis.


Propel is an absorbable drug-eluting stent that contains a steroid and is used after sinus surgery to reduce the risk of scar tissue formation. It may be placed immediately after surgery or can be used in the office setting to help reduce inflammation from an acute exacerbation of the sinuses.

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