Skin Cancer Removal


Skin Cancer Removal

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer refers to the abnormal growth of cells from skin cells, often attributed to exposure to UV light. Recognizing the signs and seeking timely evaluation and treatment is crucial in managing this condition. At Century ENT, we provide expert care for skin cancer, ensuring comprehensive treatment and support.

Prevention Is Key

The best way to prevent skin cancer is by taking proactive measures, including wearing protective clothing, applying sunscreen, and avoiding prolonged exposure to UV light. Individuals with frequent or intense sunlight exposure should also consider regular skin exams by a dermatologist to monitor any changes and detect potential skin cancer at an early stage.

Understanding the Types

There are three main types of skin cancer: squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. The specific type of cancer is determined through a biopsy, which involves removing a sample of the affected skin for further examination. This allows for an accurate diagnosis and guides the appropriate treatment plan.

Tailored Treatment Approach

Surgical removal of skin cancer is the standard treatment method for malignant skin growths on the face and neck. Depending on the type and location of the tumor, our experienced Century ENT physicians may recommend removing the tumor in the operating room, with or without reconstructive surgery.

In certain cases, particularly for smaller or sensitive areas of the face, we may refer you to a partnering dermatologist for a specialized procedure called Moh’s surgery. This meticulous technique ensures the complete removal of cancerous cells while preserving healthy tissue. Following the Moh’s procedure, our Century ENT physicians will perform reconstructive surgery to restore the affected area.

In some instances, the stage and type of tumor may require additional treatments such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Our dedicated team will make appropriate referrals and arrangements to ensure you receive comprehensive care.

Expert Skin Cancer Treatment

When it comes to skin cancer treatment, Century ENT offers expert care and a patient-centered approach. Our skilled team of physicians and specialists will guide you through the entire process, providing personalized treatment plans and comprehensive support.

Take the first step in combatting skin cancer by scheduling a consultation with Century ENT. We will develop a tailored treatment approach to address your specific needs and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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